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Fear of Death or love of life?

Felicidade: ter medo da morte por [se] temer não ter tempo de fazer tudo o que se planeia fazer Augusto Jose Da Silva Brandao Correia I was once told that "happiness is to fear death, is fear of not having enough time to do all we want". At the time this seemed like another cliche… Continue reading Fear of Death or love of life?

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Old Essay

Today I've decided to do some spring cleaning, and took EVERYTHING, out of my closet/shelves/whatever and cleaned it "undust" it and rearrange it. At some point I opened an old notebook....well over 10 years old, and to my astonishment I discovered an old English essay, and although I don't really have a date I reckon it is… Continue reading Old Essay

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Nostalgia, Water, Hoenn, time

Throughout the years I've played several of the Pokemon games (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Soul Silver, Diamond, White, Black 2, Y and finally alpha Sapphire), and there is a small number of these critters that have been in my possession for the longest time, actually since 2003, and in my current game I managed to keep… Continue reading Nostalgia, Water, Hoenn, time

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Star Wars – Episode Me

Long time ago, in my own timeline, there was a time in which I knew NOTHING about Star Wars - it's unbelievable but it's true. But that all changed around 1996 or 1997. The first time I came in contact with star wars it was when in Portugal the movies were once more on cinema,… Continue reading Star Wars – Episode Me

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Pequeno Almoco fora

(I apologize or my English readers as this text\poem thingy is in Portuguese) Nada grita fim de semana como pequeno almoço fora, Nada exemplifica felicidade como sentar numa esplanada. Nada mais puro que o café amargo banhado pelo sol morno de uma manhã de setembro Refeições sem sossego Mesas sem equilíbrio Empregados sem maneiras Bolos… Continue reading Pequeno Almoco fora