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“It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be”

Yesterday, around two AM, I was having trouble falling asleep, and like so decided to pick up my phone to put some soothing music, probably one of the Spotify Pre-Made sleep playlists, but in doing so, I took the phone out of the "do not disturb" mode. Seconds later I've heard the email notification sound, that "swoosh"… Continue reading “It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be”

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Wine and music; glasses and turntables

Two years ago I managed to get a turntable, a cheap crappy one, but a turntable nonetheless! Call it a fad, call it nostalgia of times where I was yet to be born, call it whatever you like, but hunting vinyls became part of my life, a passive search, where if I stumble upon one… Continue reading Wine and music; glasses and turntables

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2011 em revista-> Musica

Artistas mais ouvidos: Rise Against ->3,207 vezes My Chemical Romance ->2,280 vezes 雅-MIYAVI- ->1,591 vezes Megadeth ->1,300 vezes Green Day -> 1,209 vezes Eminem-> 1,107 vezes Paramore-> 1,070 vezes Metallica->1,047 vezes Slipknot-> 961 vezes Moonspell-> 897 vezes (1º no rank tuga) Linkin Park-> 852 vezes Ornatos Violeta ->828 vezes Apocalyptica-> 789 vezes Pierce The Veil->726… Continue reading 2011 em revista-> Musica