Today would be your 56th birthday, and rigth now we would probably be downing some brewskies, after all it was something you truly enjoyed.I sometimes think what would you think of me today. I wonder how would our relation be. How "dorkly" cool would we look since I (subconsciously) emulated my style after yours, from… Continue reading 56

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Open Letter to Depression

Dear Depression I know I'm not the first to this nor will I be the last, I also know your are unique to me, like to anyone who knows you like this. Nonetheless Hello! We have known each other for some time know, we first got acquainted when I was 13, you came to my life in… Continue reading Open Letter to Depression

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I've decided to post some pictures of mine in order to keep this blog a little more active, hope you guys enjoy. They won't outnumber the "actual" posts but they are a small treat so you guys don't get bored! Brand CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. Model EX-H30 Shutter Speed 1/250 second Aperture F/5.8 Focal Length 24… Continue reading Open

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Dr. Strange {Movie Review}

Let me start by saying that this text actually begins before seeing the movie. I'm a huge comic book nerd. That is a fact. I'm not one to side neither for DC nor for Marvel, to be honest, I don't really care if the character is made by either. That being said, I have to… Continue reading Dr. Strange {Movie Review}

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A tour through Amsterdam

Recently I've had the pleasure and the chance to visit a unique and wonderful city, none other than the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Since I'm currently living in Arnhem -a city in the Netherlands- the site that greeted me was Amsterdam Centraal, the central station for trains. And my God. Talk about a… Continue reading A tour through Amsterdam

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Under the Covers – Ninja Sex Party {Album Review}

Ninja Sex Party (NPS), weird name right? I know, usually they are a comedy duo, focusing on sexual jokes and things like that (I actually like their work a lot), and to those that don't know the Web show Game Grumps NPS can fly under the radar. But their Cover album is something that you can't… Continue reading Under the Covers – Ninja Sex Party {Album Review}