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Me and Cinema…”It’s complicated”

Like many of you, I like going to the movies. What a schoker...( a little-known secret I also enjoy other things like watching television and stuff like that but don't go around letting anyone). And I can connect some special and fun memories with cinema, and movies in general; from sleepover with friends where we… Continue reading Me and Cinema…”It’s complicated”

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Anicomics – Volunteer Experience [Interest Wendnesday]

Well this past weekend I've experienced something unique, volunteering in a pop culture event. I'm a known partaker in pop culture events, heck I even reviewed two of them in this blog (Games 13 and Middle East Comic Con 14 both of them in Dubai), and now I volunteered to one in my hometown of… Continue reading Anicomics – Volunteer Experience [Interest Wendnesday]