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Open Letter to Depression

Dear Depression I know I'm not the first to this nor will I be the last, I also know your are unique to me, like to anyone who knows you like this. Nonetheless Hello! We have known each other for some time know, we first got acquainted when I was 13, you came to my life in… Continue reading Open Letter to Depression

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Facing Challanges

Monday the fifth of September marked the begging of another semester, and with it a whole bunch of challenges. I'm not questing that university itself will be a challenge, that is kind of a given fact, something no one can actually contest. But what I'm talking about is the on going ones in our lives, the… Continue reading Facing Challanges

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Breakfast reflections

After a nice breakfast complete with bread coffee and orange juice in one of my favorite breakfast spots in Lisbon (A padaria Portuguesa), I started reflecting about life. I don't know if caused my the simplicity of the store, the confusing anxiety inside me, the mindless internet juicing the best of their free wifi. Really… Continue reading Breakfast reflections